Please, let me go back into my comfort zone

Made for a class entitled « Finding your own written voice » and published on the Sundial Press. Click on this text to read it.


This morning, like all others, I woke up at 6am. Like all other mornings, I had no reason to do so, if only to get ahead of my schedule as usual. I know what you’ll say: by dint of always waking up early and working to get things done, you should have nothing left to work on. But that’s exactly where the problem is. Each time I end up finishing everything I intended to do, I step a foot out of my comfort zone, adding some more work to my plate. 

And now, I even know what you might think: you can’t possibly increase the level of work you do each time you succeed in doing one thing. Truth is, I do. And the thing is, you probably do as well. Here is the daily life of a Sciences Po student, trained to feel guilty as soon as he or she doesn’t find something else to do. The midterms have ended, and I have managed to get good grades? That’s simply mean I should enroll into a double diploma like any other student, otherwise I will remain into my comfort zone and stop flourishing. I did all my presentations for the semester? Great, then I should participate in a new association, I’ll have plenty of time so why not? That’s a mindset. 

When do we stop then? Are we machines? Have we been truly made for learning some famous authors’ theories three hours before an exam and vomiting them madly on the paper? Is that our purpose? That’s definitely not mine. We start over and over again and throw ourselves into the unknown every time we feel comfortable. What is wrong with us? That doesn’t seem healthy… Not healthy at all… At some point, there must be a comfort zone in which we choose to stay, otherwise we’re left to a frantic life, without even benefiting from the fruits of our very own efforts.

Couverture: Tyler Spangler

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